Moving Without The Drama

Taking Your RV Out Of Storage: Four Steps To Prep For The Road

Storing your RV in a storage unit for the winter is a great way to keep it secure and ready when you need it, but there are some things you will need to do to prep it for the summer road trip season. Use this guide to get your RV road-ready before you take it out of storage at a facility like United Moving and Storage. Tire Checks Over the course of the winter months,

Five Tips To Pack Safely In Order To Pack Quickly

Skipping out on packing safely can lead to problems with being able to pack quickly. The reason being that more problems occur, such as broken items, collapsed moving boxes, and more that can eat up your time more so than just by taking a bit of extra time to pack safely. Here are five tips to help you pack safely for efficiency: Use Packing Materials Always be sure t

Are You Moving Soon?

Have you recently discovered that your company is moving you to a new city? Or, perhaps you have decided on your own that it is time for a change and that you want to make that change rapidly. For example, you might have decided that you want to be closer to your family members, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. If that's true, you're probably

Downsizing? Simple Tips To Make It Easier

Many people who are moving are also downsizing. Perhaps you're looking for a smaller house for retirement, or maybe you're moving to a larger city that requires renting a smaller space. Whatever your reasons, downsizing can be stressful and challenging, especially if you've collected items over the course of several years. These simple tips can help make the process o