Moving Without The Drama

Five Tips To Pack Safely In Order To Pack Quickly

Skipping out on packing safely can lead to problems with being able to pack quickly. The reason being that more problems occur, such as broken items, collapsed moving boxes, and more that can eat up your time more so than just by taking a bit of extra time to pack safely. Here are five tips to help you pack safely for efficiency:

Use Packing Materials

Always be sure that you are using packing materials that are going to keep breakables safe. This also includes using packing tape to tape up boxes rather than any kind of scotch tape that's not as durable. Also, you should use bubble wrap for protection rather than using your clothes or blankets around the house that aren't as padded for protection.

Double Tape

Always be sure that you are taking time to double tape the bottom of the moving boxes. This just provides extra durability. So be sure that you stock up on packing tape so that you don't have to run to the store in the middle of packing to stock up more. This is going to prevent your items from easily falling out should the boxes fall or be knocked over. 

Always Pad the Bottom

Before you start packing a moving box, be sure that you pad the bottom. If you are going to be packing heavy or delicate items, place a couple sheets of bubble wrap on the bottom. This is going to balance the weight distribution, which can prevent collapsing. If you are packing lightweight items, such as clothing, then just pack the bottom with a couple sheets of white packing paper to protect your clothing from being damaged should there be an issue with water. 

Be Mindful of Weight

Never pack a moving box too heavy. Otherwise, you can have a problem with collapsing boxes, as well as problems with lifting. You should be able to carry the box without over exerting yourself. To balance it out, pack heavier weight items with lightweight items. 

Close the Tops Securely

Always be sure that the tops of the boxes are securely closed. This makes it easier to carry the boxes and, in the event that the box is accidentally tipped, your items will stay better secured inside. Be sure that the tape is fully covering both sides of the box tops. 

Using these tips to pack safely is the best way to ensure that your move is swifter and smoother. For more information or advice, contact local moving companies.