Moving Without The Drama

5 Tips For Moving Locally

While a local move may not be as stressful as a long-distance move, it still requires careful planning. There are many tasks you have to complete on the days and weeks leading up to your move. If you prepare properly, however, things can be a lot easier.

Here are a few tips for moving locally.

Start Packing Early

Even if you are not moving very far, it is still wise to begin the packing process early on. If you wait until the last minute to box up your belongings, you will just put yourself through unnecessary stress. Aim to start packing about a month before your local move.

Acquire Packing Supplies

You will not get much packing done if you do not have the proper supplies. You will want multiple boxes of different sizes and in good condition. Go to your local grocery stores and ask them if they have boxes they do not need anymore. If you can't find decent boxes at grocery stores, you can purchase them from a moving company.

It is also important to acquire packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape.

Prepare Your New Home

Even if you are moving locally, you are still required to transfer your utilities to your new residence. A few weeks before moving day, notify your electricity, gas, water, Internet, and cable companies. When you arrive at your new home, everything can be ready for you.

Hire Local Movers

Just because you are not moving very far, does not mean that your move will not be challenging. You may have very heavy belongings that you need to transport. To avoid possible injuries, you should think about hiring experienced local movers. They can do all the heavy lifting and get you moved in a timely fashion.

Contact a local moving company several weeks in advance because they tend to get booked quickly, especially in the spring and summer. 

Have Someone Watch Your Kids and Pets

If you have small kids and pets at home, you should ask a family member or friend to watch them while you move. Otherwise, they may just get in the way and make the moving process more stressful. They may also get hurt. 

If you follow these helpful tips, you can make your local move much less stressful. If you are planning to move in the near future, contact several local moving companies and ask for quotes.