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Critical Reasons To Hire An Experienced Fine Art Delivery Service

As a serious art collector, you take time and care to choose the best pieces for your home or office. You want the same care and attention to be taken when they are delivered to you.

Instead of picking up the pieces yourself or entrusting a friend or relative to retrieve them for you, you may prefer that they be professionally handled and delivered. You can get the care and protection that you want for your artwork by hiring an experienced fine art delivery service to pick them up and bring them to you.

Protection from Damage

The fine art delivery contractors that you hire for the job will ensure that your pieces are not damaged during loading or transport. In fact, they might use sturdy materials like foam, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap to shield your artwork from damages like scratches and breaking. They may even pack the pieces in durable cardboard or wooden boxes.

These materials protect your pieces from damages that can result from jostling, dropping, or objects falling on them. They ensure that your works arrive intact and as pristine as they were when you first bought them.

Protection from Theft

When the works of art that you bought are worth a lot of money, you do not want them to be stolen during transport. The fine art delivery workers know what precautions to take to prevent thieves from stealing them, and they can ensure that they are delivered to you safely.

For example, they might package the artwork to look like an ordinary item, such as an appliance or box of clothing. They ensure that no one can guess what is inside of the container, and they avoid using any labels or wording that can indicate that the contents are worth thousands of dollars or more.

Further, they may use an unmarked box truck instead of one that indicates that they are driving for a fine arts dealer. They make sure that they blend in well with traffic and do not stand out or showcase that they are carrying invaluable artwork in the back of their truck.

An experienced fine art delivery service can provide important benefits to serious collectors like you. They protect your works from being damaged during transport. They use sturdy materials to prevent scratches and breaking of your pieces. They can also prevent thieves from noticing and stealing your expensive artwork.