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5 Items To Keep Out Of Your Storage Unit

You can put a lot of stuff in a storage unit; however, there are some items that you can put in a storage unit. If you were thinking about moving a bunch of your stuff into a storage unit, it's helpful to know what items you can't store in it.

Item #1: Hazardous Material

You cannot store hazardous material in your storage unit. That may sound obvious; however, many common household items are hazardous. Any corrosive, flammable, or explosive item is generally considered hazardous material and cannot be stored inside of your storage unit.

For example, things such as propane bottles, spray paint, gasoline, and many cleaning products are hazardous materials that you can't store inside your storage unit. That also means that if you want to store equipment, such as a lawnmower, you need to remove all fluids from the hazardous equipment before storing it.

Item #2: Liquids

Second, it is generally a good idea to keep all liquid out of your storage unit. Liquids, even those stored adequately inside of a container, can freeze, expand, and break. When that happens, they can cause a big mess that can damage not just the items in your storage unit but for the items and surrounding storage units.

That means no storing any liquid in your storage unit. That also means you need to check equipment such as a humidifier, dishwasher, or washing machine and ensure no water is left in the equipment.

Item #3: Food Items

Third, most storage units prohibit the storage of any perishable food item. Even if the food is stored inside of a tightly sealed container, pests can still get in and cause damage to the food.

Weather changes can cause sealed containers to expand and contract, and containers can easily break or pop open when stored in a non-climate-controlled environment. Remember, food items include pet food as well.

Item #4: Scented Items

Fourth, you also shouldn't store items that are scented and smell like food items. For example, things such as scented candles and potpourri should not be placed in your storage unit. Scented items can easily attract pests, so it is best to keep these types of items out of your storage unit.

Item #5: Plants

Finally, you can't store living things such as plants inside of your storage unit. To start with, put a plant inside of your storage unit; it is more than likely going to die due to lack of adequate sunlight. Additionally, plants can attract a variety of pests to your storage unit.

You can put most everyday items in a storage unit. However, there will be some items such as liquid's, scented items, in perishables that you just shouldn't put in your storage unit.

If you have questions about what you can and can't put in your storage unit, ask the company you are renting from. They should be able to provide you with a list of acceptable items as well as banned items.