Moving Without The Drama

Are You Moving To A Different Home?

If you are moving to a different home, you must be having very different feelings, right? On one hand, perhaps you are excited about decorating the new house and about making new friends in your new area. On the other hand, there's the stress of packing up and saying goodbye to all that is familiar to you. If you have large things like a piano and fragile antiques, you might be extra worried about transporting those items.

Do you already have a plan for moving your belongings? If not, from arranging for piano moving to working with the packers on your other fragile belongings, here are some ideas that might help you.

Piano Moving Company - When you make arrangements for the move, be sure to tell the agent at the moving company that you have a piano that will also have to be moved. Before the movers come, think of gathering things like sheet music and place them in a special container, marking it Sheet Music For Piano Bench. Also, if you have decorative items on top of the piano, think of placing them with other decorative that will be packed. For instance, if you have candelabra on each side of the piano, those could be placed with your other belongings.

Once moving day arrives, don't fret too much about the piano. The movers will have the training and the experience to disassemble the piano in a way that it will travel safely to its new home. The piano will more than likely be wrapped so that it won't be scratched or damaged in another way. And, if it's a rainy day, it will be protected with weather resistant packaging. 

Once the piano is in its new place, don't be surprised if it needs tuning. In fact, select a location ahead of time so that you can tell the movers where to place it.

Delicate Antiques - Do you have beautiful antiques that you have inherited or that you have purchased yourself? If so, they are probably very precious to you, aren't they? Maybe you have  artwork in large frames, or mirrors in heavy frames. The movers will more than likely crate the large items. The smaller antiques, or any other decorative items will be wrapped very carefully, too.

Think of making a chart of where you want things placed. The movers can use that chart to your advantage once they start unpacking your belongings. To learn more, visit a website like